Chocolate Town 

Visual impact, scene experience, display optimization!


Client's Demand

  • The main products need to stand out in 50+ different types of shelves nationwide!;
  • There are 15 groups of shelves in single store that need to be renovated;
  • The display of more than 36+ products in a single store needs to be simplified to reduce consumer choice.


Initial Design

  • Shocking Vision: use the far and near visual impact to enhance   the consumer's shopping experience;
  • Scene Experience: enhance the consumer's shopping desire through the chocolate physical model display;
  • Optimize the Display: Improve the overall display aesthetics and simplify the display to achieve the purpose of optimizing product display and simplifying consumer choice.


Initial Design

  • Use the shape of the house in the town to create the image of the “chocolate” concentration to attract consumers' attention;
  • Highlight featured products to enhance the consumer's shopping desire;
  • Renovation on the original shelves of the store: Customized width & height to support multiple categories & brands.



Project Management
We have an excellent project management team and a first-level project management system, and strictly control 6 aspects of the project to ensure its smooth completion!



Logistic and Installation Service

High Quality and Efficient Service !
With the assistance of  280  local service teams in China, 2000+ sets of products were transported to the destination store in a short period of time and installed quickly to ensure the customer's opening time.


Market Reaction

Sales Situation:
The image of the chocolate town reflects the relaxed shopping environment, with annual sales increasing by about 5%.

 Brand Image: 
According to the store feedback, 98% of the stores reflected the brand slogan and category segmentation clear and simplified, effectively enhancing the brand image.

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