4 Trends of Retail Display Fixtures in 2019

December 19, 2019

It is often asked by our customers what is trending in retail display fixtures? Retail display trends are driven by many factors, including the economy, retailer trends, consumer behaviour, technology, lifestyle trends, and many other factors. Since we are offering comprehensive retail displays solutions to many FMCG brands, actually, we are witnessing new trends in the retail display industry. 
Let’s look at 4 critical trends the retail display demonstrated in 2019 and the near future. 

1. Smaller Footprints

One of the key performance indicators for retailers has always been sales per square foot. Therefore, retailers tended to pack as much product in as small of a footprint as possible to gain the most considerable adoption. But now, we can see that smaller prints are becoming more critical than ever before. The reason is that the retail capacity tends to more rational after a decade of over-expansion in the retail industry. Many large chains are trying the smaller format stores, like Suning Xiaodian (Suning Convenience Store), ranging from 20 to 200 square meters, the stores located in residential communities, central business districts and transport hubs, offering snacks, dairy products, fresh food, fast food and daily necessities to customers within a one-kilometre radius.
Many more convenience stores like Suning Xiaodian, Tmall Store, will provide personalized service and fast delivery of goods to customers. 

2. Sustainable Materials

Use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials has been trending for some time now, and we see this trend as sustainable and growing. In CHINASHOP 2019, a new award “Green Display Products” was set for prized. This award is established to reward the products and display projects designed or produced, aiming to reduce the negative impact on the environment. It also seeks to encourage the public to pay attention to environmental protection during production and design.


3. Digital Display Shelf System

To replicate key benefits of the online experience into physical retail environments, and attract customers to experience your new products, thus purchase the products online. It seemed that the traditional display shelf is no longer can achieve the goal. A digital smart shelf system may help you. Such as the smart display screen, with functions of both education and interaction- catch consumers' eyes from a distance through the digital display screen, and attract them to walk close and view the products in the wall-mounted display counter.

4. Less is More

When you walk into a store, and you see your first point of contact being a majorly full sale display, how does it make you feel? Like turning around and walking back out? We believe that "less is more" for your retail displays would be more friendly to consumers. Let the product or promotional offer do the talking, as opposed to too much fuss going on with the decoration, and stick to your simple branding colour palette; ensuring that your display fits in with your store and everything stays uninformed.