CCC, FCC, and CE, can you tell the difference?

September 22, 2020

CCC, FCC, and CE, can you tell the difference?

There are so many certificates in the world. Different country have different certificates for their products, such as CCC, FCC, CE, UL, GS, and ROHS etc. Among them, 3 common certificates you should know.

What is CCC, FCC, and CE?
CCC refers to China Compulsory Certification, which is widely used at China for products like wire and cable, electrical appliances, power tools etc.

FCC refers to Federal Communications Commission. Electronic products that goes to US market must have FCC certificate.

CE (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE) is a European standards for products as electronic products, machinery and equipment, toys, medical care, etc.

What’s the difference between them?
First they are used for different country and different products;
Second, they have different valid period;
Third they test different products.
Refer to below chart for more details:

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