5 Big Trends in New Retail

June 23, 2020

With the iterative update of new retail digital interaction devices, the continuous improvement of interaction systems and messaging systems, and the smart retail marketing solutions, our future will show a blossoming of the situation. The integration of technology and offline marketing will bring a qualitative leap in the production chain of the brand to the consumer, a richer and more user-friendly shopping experience. This article will focus on 5 major trends in the new retail.

1)Process intelligence
Users operate the device to check, select, and purchase goods, and then go directly to the pickup office to take the goods they just bought.

2)Simplified personnel, release manpower greatly
The clerk's job is only to prepare users for the goods they buy.

3)The scene is further improved
Visual scene marketing is gradually changing the traditional marketing model, and the strong technical experience is hitting the central nervous system of consumers like never before. In the future, real-time scene updates can be made to stores based on seasons, festivals, weather, and product themes.

4)Human-computer interaction
The extent to which the technology of artificial intelligence will develop is unclear. But it certainly can replace some general communication between people and let stores sell goods through human-computer interaction.

5)Online and offline win-win
Online and offline will be fully integrated. Online purchases can also be picked up offline immediately. Post-service and maintenance can be fully operated online to facilitate user operations and cultivate long-term active users.

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