Point of Sale Materials (POSM)

January 13, 2020

Point of Sale materials (POSM) is used for performing marketing presentations, campaigns, and exhibitions. As an effective advertising tool, however throughout and accurately presented Point of sale materials (POSM) promote the brand and attract customer attention. Due to their engaging and instructive nature, POSM is able to motivate buying openly at the point of sale.

Types of POSM:
There are no fix sizes, types, and shapes of POSMs but can be classified based on their type in retail.

Posters: Posters are a design that is pasted on a smooth vertical place, for example, a wall. They normally come in these sizes: Small (11” X 17”), Medium (18” X 24”), Large (24” X 36”), and A4. Depend on the theme/quality/brand and other classifications production quality is decided by organizations.

Danglers: Danglers are signage that is hanging from the ceiling of a retail shop. Simply you can say that a Dangler is only a rectangular piece of hard paper with promotions printed on it. However, you can also represent it as a 3-dimensional model of the product.

Standees: Standee is itself-standing display sponsoring a scheme/communication/campaign. It is usually located outside of a store to gain the attention of the people. Standees are of more than one type for example rollup standee, floor standee, canvas standee, cut out standee, 3D standee, MDF standee, LED Standee, etc.

Bunting: Small ribbons/stickers/flags labeled together with string in a sequence keeping constant distance are called as bunting in POSM terms. Bunting is normally a point of sale material (POSM) used on windows or doors.

How can a POS material attract clients?
POS material is a good technique to attract new buyers. Such as, a technique gradually used by organizations is that of outfitting. There are stands for representing promotional items or new items. Shapes, colors selected with the intent to draw attention, marketing and branding concepts help to fulfill a buyer’s requirement. POS materials are the communication between the buyer and the indirect retailer that generates memory and emotion.

Design and production POSM
Design and production of a range of POS materials including the following:

Wobblers draw the attention of the buyer quickly. Stick to the cash register, the shelf, the shop rack or anywhere else, they do what they have to do: a wave and attract the attention of the buyer to your item. Wobblers are present in a variety of sizes, materials, and printings: transparent or white material only printed recto lenticular or printed dual-sided wobblers. Wobblers with 3Dimentional shape.

Shelf Communication 
Placed in the shelf dividers, shelf striking, clip strips, shelf talkers, shelf trays, side flags. A good-looking shelf presentation will attract buyers over the track and help them choose your item. Shelf stoppers increase the possibility of (desire) purchasing largely. Increase the possibilities in terms of material, shape, adhesive, and color.

Point of sale material chocolate shelf

Caddy and the cash 
It draws everybody's attention cash point or the shopping cart is the best place for selecting your products. It's difficult to consider more influential communication for attracting the attention of the customer on your product. Now, that's ingenious! Since the communication is written on the cashpoint, the caddy or the PIN machine draws everybody's attention.

Always have Sticker material for each product. Massive selection of self-adhesives must have all possible layouts and designs. There should be stickers for outdoors and indoors, with or without adhesive. Also have window stickers and floor stickers, opaque and transparent, dual-sided stickers, easily removable or permanent stickers. With your content written on them, your content will, literally, stick in the mind of your buyers.

Lenticular and 3D 
Lenticular and 3D printing is more significant than it has ever been as they are more attractive than any other communication! With lenticular printing, you are sure to get sales. Lenticular special effects are attractive because of the apparently magical visual illusions, or a mixture of lenticular techniques: morphing, lenticular flip, striking color effects, lenticular zoom, and 3D or spectacular depth effects. 

Placemats, glass coasters, and mouse pads 
Your logo or message on a counter-front pad just can’t be avoided easily when the buyer is clearing bills at the cash counter. With the mousepads, Placemats and glass coasters, you can easily discover your path into somebody's office or home. Mats hold a communication that always prominent, even after years of a lot of use. With their anti-slip layer or adhesive, they present firmly in place.