Technology in offline stores

April 10, 2020

In new retail, the smart reconstruction of offline stores is undergoing a new round of technological innovation. For a long time, the design of many sports brand stores (such as Adidas, New Balance, Columbia, etc.) has mainly focused on the traditional POP + prop model in offline store design, and the continuous loss of customer traffic in offline stores in the past two years has forced brands to re-examine and in-depth analysis of your shopping experience.

By integrating technology into the design of the store, the brand hopes to achieve a seamless link between online and offline marketing in the future. Mainly carry out store transformation from several ideas: upgrade the intelligent scene application of display equipment, improve the technological content of display equipment(store display), digital interactive marketing, and create visual interactive scenes. Interactive marketing is derived from digital marketing, and its main purpose is to increase the flow of people in offline stores, thereby improving the effectiveness of stores. Its main manifestations are product interaction, user interaction, data transparency, and store scenes.

Product Interaction
The products to be sold are placed on the visualization screen through 3D modeling or similar ones, and the products are rotated and enlarged according to the user's touch operation to view the data information of the products. On the one hand, with the background of interactivity and special effects, increase the interest of users to purchase goods, and strengthen users' desire to buy. On the other hand, the digitization of goods effectively transfers part of the work of the shopping guide to the device, thereby improving the shopping comfort of customers.

User interaction
Capturing the user's actions, contours, and motion status through devices such as Leap motion, so that the user's behavior status is fed back to the screen in time, to perform somatosensory game interaction. Not only can it better attract the user's attention and prolong the customer's stay in the store, but also a variety of promotional methods can be implanted in the game, thereby improving the shopping conversion rate.

Data transparency
Through some options in interactive games to guide users to choose, you can collect users' usual behavior habits and physical data to better guide product sales. For example, New Balance analyzes data such as user age, foot shape, running environment, duration, and foot landing through a customized program, and scientifically recommends the shoes that are most suitable for users.

Store scene
Use projection to create scenes for user stores and design effects based on themes. It can not only reduce the waste caused by the traditional material update, but also improve the drainage effect and increase the store revenue.

store display

Interactive floor screen that can increase the value of advertising
The interactive ground screen is a novel digital display device customized for the use environment of the indoor exhibition hall, stage, and party. Compared with the traditional static advertising media pictures, the advertising effect controlled by the mobile ground projection system is achieved by interaction with passers-by or viewers. Through the touch of the projection image by the tourists or pedestrians in the projection area, the motion-sensing will be directly and immediately Optical synchronization changes. Anyone who crosses the projection area will be a physical and emotional experience, which creates stronger, longer and more frequent contact with the advertising information, which is more conducive to increasing the value of the advertising information.
store display

Transparent display cabinet that can attract consumers to stop
Through intelligent and transparent display cabinets, consumers can have a completely different interactive experience with a new dynamic interface and interactive sensing methods, thereby attracting the audience to stop and interact, which is a tool for the brand to successfully drain. Transparent display cabinets have been widely used in exhibitions, airports, museums, advertising media, science museums, and other places.
store display

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