What happened to the "Uniqlo" masks that went viral?

July 26, 2020

In June this year, the Chinese-made "Uniqlo brand" masks have been selling like crazy in Japan. The doors opened at 10 a.m., and the queues started at 7 a.m. It was as if the masks had been sold out. The momentum, as if the shopping mall is underwritten.

Uniqlo has more than 800 stores in Japan, and every single one of them has been raided without exception. There were over 300 people in line at every store. Some of the larger stores even pushing close to 1,000 people in line! Even the official website was scrubbed and crashed. Even the rain couldn't stop people from lining up for 3 hours!

But you can not imagine, at the beginning of the claim that the need for a 1000 yen (total about 66 yuan) mask, is a "sneer" attitude.
How less than a month, everyone's attitude to a 360 ° change?

From "sneer" to "rush" for two reasons.
First of all, Uniqlo addressed everyone's resistance to the high price. The final sale price, indeed, was 66 RMB per box, not 1, but 3!

Secondly, Uniqlo has brought a lot of "surprises" -
The first is the use of its black technology "AIRism". The second is can be used repeatedly.
Uniqlo's parent company rapid sales group previously released a statement, Uniqlo's newly developed, reusable mask, AIRism material-based. The mask is made of this material. If you wear it in the summer, you will not feel hot. Besides, the mask can also be repeatedly washed and used 20 times. The effectiveness of resistance to germs up to 99%, and can also block 90% of the ultraviolet rays. Summer wear is not afraid of being tanned.

The era of consumer upgrading, but also to consumers to meet the "hidden needs"!
What is "implicit demand"?
For example, in addition to the obvious needs of "anti-virus, anti-bacteria", Uniqlo's masks also meet two consumer hidden needs: refreshing and reusable.
These hidden needs, we did not directly put forward, but Uniqlo thought of. This is also the biggest advantage that distinguishes it from ordinary masks. And that's why it's so popular.

As early as 1958, the founder of IKEA, Camplad, noticed that at lunchtime, customers would walk out of IKEA in droves and go to nearby restaurants to finish their meals before returning to shop.
It was with this insight that IKEA opened its first restaurant to keep customers in IKEA.
Then the restaurant business grew, even making IKEA the sixth-largest restaurant giant in the world. Today, IKEA's food revenue alone is $1.5 billion a year!
It can be said that it is a keen thought of the hidden needs of consumers that have made IKEA.

Who wouldn't love a business that can read the small thoughts of customers and consider all their needs thoughtfully?

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