Bourjois-Cyrano Cosmetic Display Showcase


Bourjois, a world-class makeup brand, has been working with Rising Display Products for more than 8 years. 

The project began in 2011, Rising performed creative engineering, molding, manufacturing according to Bourjois's design. With our team's effort, this serie of cosmetic display showcase were finally come out after 6 months, which is concerned with,


  • 70+ toolings
  • 100+ product configurations
  • Modularized design and structure 
  • Different lightings create charming tones

Bourjois Cyrano Bible cosmetic display showcase consists of injection molded parts, PETG, springs, LEDs and other materials. 

It is glad to say this project is still in progress today. Our team has been assisting Bourjois to upgrade the makeup display box based on the end-users' comments. More than 1 million units of Cyrano showcases were produced and been delivered to designated warehouses in Europe. 

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