Lenovo-Electronics Store Display Furniture Solution | Retail Store Design


Lenovo, one of the world's top PC brands. 

One Plus Display Products offered comprehensive retail store design solutions for Lenovo brand shops, including shop image development, space design, props(retail display furniture) production, transportation, installation, and  after-sales maintenance. We had equiped 3,791 Lenovo brand stores throughout China with our retail store display. 

We have been in good business relationship with Lenovo since 2009. From 2009 till now, we have been supplying the in store display for Lenovo for 11 years, and we are preparing for its retail store design for its new project in South America. We are looking forward to greater cooperation with Lenovo.
Rising takes pride in building quality retail spaces that deliver a memorable experience to consumers. Working with many prestigious local and international brands, such as RELXHaier, China Mobile, China Unicom, Xiaomi, DJI(Dà-Jiāng Innovations), as retail solution provider Rising offers personalized services to each client, from traditionto innovation, from the metal, wood, acrylic, injection, glass material to digital executions. View more related cases.