RELX-Store Solution & Retail Store Fixtures


Founded in early 2018, RELX Technology (pronounced relax) is a technology company dedicated to the development, design and sale of electronic cigarettes worldwide. 

One Plus Display Products participated in the props (such as cosmetic display stand, and display shelving for retail store of RELX) production, transportation, installation and after-sales of RELX's specialty stores and shop-in-shops in China. 

At the same time, we produced POSM for RELX and transported them to 5 countries in Southeast Asia.

Rising has been providing comprehensive retail shop solution to many top brands, such as HaierLenovo, China Mobile, China Unicom, Mi, DJI(Dà-Jiāng Innovations), especially in the area of their merchandise display shelves. 

We deliver End-to-End retail Solutions, personalized services for each client. From tradition to innovation, from the metal, wood, acrylic, injection, glass material to digital executions. View more related cases