Candy Display Stand of Xu Fuji

Xu Fuji was founded in 1976 and joined Nestlé in 2011. It is one of the largest confectionery brands and confectionery companies in China. It focuses on the production and operation of confectionery, pastries, Shaqima, chocolate and jelly puddings.

This product is a custom display stand, which is briefly introduced as follows:
This display stand is a permanent POSM with prominent red as the main color, which can attract customers' attention. The whole is composed of multiple small grids, allowing the product to be presented in the form of bulk to the customers. This not only shows the diversity of the product, but also meets the diverse needs of customers.
In addition, the display stand is also provided with a packing area, providing three different sizes of paper cups for customers to choose, which greatly promotes the purchase of customers.