P&G-whisper Shelf Renovation Retail Display Solution


Founded in 1837, Procter & Gamble (P&G) is one of the world's largest consumer goods company giants. 

P&G is our company's largest and longest-serving customer, nearly 20 years of in-depth cooperation. One Plus Display Products grew up with the growth of P&G.

One Plus offered shop display ideas interior design to P&G. This product is a shelf renovation retail display solution. The details of these modular display stand are briefly introduced as follows:

  • Clear Guidelines:
a. Through the main shelf area unified category theme color, category classification for different groups of people;
b. Improve the overall display aesthetic while simplifying the display, lifting consumer choice troubles and simplifying Shopping appeals.
  • Material:
Molding + Rotatable hinge + transparent material, fully presenting the real face of the props
  • Build method:
  • Execution results:
Renovation on the original shelf of the store: 90% standard + 10% Personalized customization, using mold + simple assembly structure, to meet the store's flexible installation due to display changes.
  • Execution results:
Maximum cost savings of 5%, sales rate of 95%
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